PUBG Mobile – Online Battle Royale

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUB Games, is an action packed, fast paced, free to play, massively multiplayer battle royale online multiplayer game developed by PUBG Corp., a South Korean-based online gaming company. Players are invited to participate in the war between two teams, in order to earn cash that can be used to buy in-game items.


PlayerUnknown’s PUBG is currently available on Android devices and has already been downloaded by millions of users from around the world. As with many popular games of this genre, PUBG is played from a single location, with all players connected through one server. The primary aim of the game is to kill other players and take over their bases by capturing the main objective. Each player controls an elite group of characters who have special abilities and are controlled individually or in squads depending on your preferences.


The game is set in a fictitious world where the world war that began in 1999 has caused the destruction of most of the world’s infrastructure, including communications networks, communications towers, bridges, airports, seaports and many other aspects of everyday life such as currency exchange, real time transportation, currency exchange and banking systems among others. A nuclear war was also declared when the United States of America, Russia and China went to war in Korea, resulting in the Korean War. Since then, the region has been divided into six zones: East, West, Central, South and North. Each player has a single control over their character and the objective of the game is to destroy other players’ bases and make their way to the central objective to win the war.


The game involves a lot of shooting and is similar to the popular Counter Strike. The basic aim of the game is to eliminate enemies and capture the objectives in the shortest possible time in order to get a good score. The action is fast and fluid, allowing players to react to situations with very little delay and allowing them to move from one point to the next without much hassle. Some of the game modes available include Assault, Survival, Deathmatch and Domination.


This game has been gaining popularity as a result of its popularity and its ease of download. It is free from any kind of monthly fee. and its only requirement is a computer with internet connection and a few minutes of gaming time per day. For those who prefer a more interactive experience, there is a possibility of earning in-game ratupoker88 currency or gifts based on how many waves the players survive in a particular match.


There is no doubt that PUBG mobile games are fast moving towards success as an exciting alternative to traditional online video games. Its unique approach to the concept of online battle royale has made it stand out amongst the rest.